Welcome to my research portfolio and website. I’m currently a undergraduate student at the University of Washington, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Global Health. I’ll be graduating from the UW this June with a B.S. Psychology before going on to do my Master’s and eventually my Ph.D.

My current research interest is in how the social environment can influence infants’ and young children’s social and cognitive development. This is an interest that I’ve cultivated through my coursework in both Psychology and Global Health, and through my research in Dr. Sommerville’s Early Childhood Cognition Lab. As I continue forward in my education, I hope to find more specific interests within this broad field.

When I’m not in school or doing research in my lab, I also work as a tutor at the Odegaard Writing and Research Center at the UW. I worked as a tutor there for two years before transitioning to the role of Mentor, where I have the opportunity to collaborate with my peers so that we can strategize to improve our work. During these past three years, I’ve had the rewarding experience of working with students in a variety of different disciplines, and through the conversations that I’ve had with them, I’ve improved my own writing skills.

There are several goals I hope to accomplish with this portfolio. First, I plan to present my accomplishments as a researcher here on this blog, including links to my future presentations and publications. Second, I plan to outline my research interests. Last, I plan to blog about my research experiences. One of my long-term goals is to eventually run my own lab, and mentor other students the way that my mentors have done for me. Through writing a personal blog, I’ve realized that blogging is a very useful way to consciously reflect and be mindful of your progress as a person, and this case, as a researcher.

If you have questions about me, my work, or my research and interests,  feel free to email me at